Banner Ads

Banner Ads are adverts for a website that appear elsewhere on the internet. They are designed to attract clicks and encourage people to buy from a website.

It is important to make the advert both eye catching, so that people notice it, but not to bright, as people may find this jarring and aggressive, and will put them off.

This is a great balance of colours

Another good idea for Banner Ads is to show off offers on them, this will entice people to click on the ad as they will want to get the cheapest deals. (Lant, 2017)


My Banner Ad is eye-catching, but not too bright and also shows off a current sale on the website. The large sale label and the statement “10% off everything Till Monday” will tell people there is a chance to save some money.


If I actually wanted to put my advert on the internet, I could use Adsense, a feature by Google. I can also use Adsense to host adverts on my own website, which will result in me making money off those ads being clicked  (Katai, 2017).




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